Event FAQs

Registration will open 1st September 

Please check back then to register for your event

If you would like to know once your event goes live please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What is a Student Shopping Night?

Student Shopping Nights are an unmissable retail experience, offering students a night of exclusive discounts & offers from their favourite retailers.

Tie this in with entertainments, competitions & giveaways, it creates a unique social environment for students to hang out, have fun, and soak up the atmosphere which makes being a student the best years of your life!

Will I be required to bring any Student ID with me?

When collecting your Offers Wristband you will be required to provide proof that you are a student via a valid student ID card (i.e NUS, UCAS or Uni/College Card) or a letter from your College/Uni confirming your enrolment.

If you have any questions about the validity of your ID feel free to contact us and we’ll let you know. 

Exclusive Student Discounts & Offers? Sounds good, which stores are involved?

Please check our Event Pages for a breakdown of offers & discounts for each of our events. Our Offers Pages are updated regularly, so keep checking back for all the latest offers.

How can I access the discounts?

Students will be required to  Register for the opportunity to access the discounts & offers available on the night. In return they will then be provided with a wristband, which they will need to flash to retailers to prove that they are a student.

How do I register for a wristband?

There are three ways in which you can Register for your OFFERS WRISTBAND;

1. On the Night (Pre-Registration)

If you have pre-registered online in advance of the event you will be able to pick up their Offers Wristband at any of the Check-In Desks located across the Shopping Centre. Upon registration you will be sent E-Ticket that you will need to show to a member of SSUK staff to scan.

A Student Shopping UK member of staff will then validate your student ID, to ensure that you are student before distributing your wristband.



2. On the Night (Non Pre-Registered)

For those who have not been able to pre-register in advance, there will still be the opportunity for you to register for your Offers Wristband on the Night.

You will simply have to register at one of our iPad docks located at each of the Check-In Desks located across the Shopping Centre.

A Student Shopping UK member of staff will then validate your ID, to ensure that you are a student before distributing you your wristband.


3. At Fresher’s Fairs

Students will be able to pick up their Wristbands in advance of the event at a number of Freshers Fairs that we will be attending, please check our social media channels for details of these events.

Can I bring my friends & family, who aren’t students along to the event with me?

Yes, friends & family are welcome to attend the event too. However, as they will not be eligible for an Offers Wristband, they will not be able to access the exclusive Discounts & Offers available from retailers.

Is there any age limit on this event?

To be eligible for an Offers Wristband, you will have to be a student aged 16 or over.

Are there any job opportunities available?

Yes, we currently hiring promotional staff for our events! Please check out our Jobs section

You will need to be 16 or over to apply.